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What is AposTherapy?

The AposTherapy system is an innovative, personalized, non-surgical and drug-free treatment program used for relief of lower extremity pain (knee, back and more). The system utilizes a foot-worn biomechanical device that is individually-calibrated by specially-trained AposTherapy Certified Providers. Patients wear the device for about an hour a day, going about their normal daily activities. More than 50,000 patients have already used AposTherapy worldwide. Read more

AposTherapy News Highlights

AposTherapy is attending the 2015 AAOS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas from March 25th -28th. Read


Football Heroes & AposTherapy. See Bart Oates, NFL alumni and Optimal Bowl Wellness Challenge sponsored by AposTherapy. Click here to watch the episode.

How AposTherapy Works?

AposTherapy Certified Providers

AposTherapy is now available in new locations through AposTherapy Certified Provider clinics. Click here to view all the locations .

Patient Testimonials

AposTherapy - How it works?

Our treatment has already helped over 50,000 patients worldwide, watch the video to learn how.
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